Friday, May 28, 2010

What I'm going to do this summer...

Today is the last day of school and it's such a bittersweet day. I'm looking forward to not having such a structured schedule, not having to worry about getting the kids out the door by a certain time, allowing late nights every now and then, etc.... BUT, it seems like every summer I get more and more stressed about how I'm going to keep the kids entertained! So I've been sitting here stressing about it and then I remembered this list that I found in Kya's room the other day....

What I'm going to do this summer

By Kya Cluff

1. Crystal Springs (I have no idea where she got this idea!)
2. Play outside
3. Play board games

4. Make stuff out of paper
5. Have a campout on the trampoline

6. Do manacures and pedacures (only things she misspelled on the entire list)

7. Water balloon fight

8. Play in our pool

9. Spy on Ember
(ha ha, she cracks me up!)
10. Movie

11. Sing primary songs

12. Have a party on the trampoline

13. Go on a treasure hunt

14. Play with the family
15. Play basketball

16. Play baseball

17. Go to the park

18. Play on the trampoline together (Together with WHO?)

19. Play with Q-Tip (our cat)

(and yes, it was color-coded just like this!)

This list made me feel so much better! I love how simple it is and how easily entertained kids can prove to be. They don't need costly outings or expensive vacations. Sometimes I think as adults we go to too much of an extreme to make sure our kids are entertained, when it's really just life's simple pleasures that they want. I mean, sure it's great to do those things every once in a while if we have the time and money to do so. But don't rule out the simple and easy things.

I think with the exception of Crystal Springs (and hey, maybe even that!), I could help her accomplish everything on this list!

Here's to a fun and simple summer!!!